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Altgitarr – The 11-string alto guitar companion

It’s finally there, a companion for all guitarists out there interested in diving into the world of 11-string alto guitar (altgitarr) playing. After a brief introduction and history about the instrument I’ve constructed a number of progressive exercises and studies to help guitarists approach and overcome challenges with the altgitarr.

Finally there are also a number of compositions and arrangements for altgitarr with various levels of difficulty that can be part of an alto guitarists first repertoire.

I’m thankful to Éric Dussault and the great team at the fantastic publisher Les Productions d’Oz who’ve taken on the project and it’s now available on their website.


Altgitarr – the 11 string alto guitar companion (Les Productions d’Oz)





53 exercises for Altgitarr – Nils Klöfver

Hymn – Nils Klöfver

Lullaby – Nils Klöfver

Andante – Nils Klöfver

Ambulante – Nils Klöfver

Aria – Ernst Gottlieb Baron

Prelude (from 1st Cello Suite, BWV 1007) – Johann Sebastian Bach

Passacaille – Silvius Leopold Weiss

Greensleeves – Traditional

Jasmine Flower – Traditional

Revolving Rondo – Nils Klöfver (watch and listen to Revolving Rondo)