Nils Klöfver - 02 - Guitar

20 Dec Concert in Guangzhou, China

I'm very proud to having been invited to perform at China International Music School in Foshan City near Guangzhou in southern China on the 16 December. I put together a programme of music for 11-string alto guitar and standard 6-string guitar ranging from Bach to...

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29 Nov Trio concerts in Norway

Together with opera star soprano Beate Mordal and violin virtuoso Odd Sonntag I had the great pleasure to tour across the Norwegian countryside in October and November. Programme included works by de Falla, Piazzolla and Bizet and we performed in a wide selection of venues,...

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29 Aug Castle Concert Series 2017

Yet again did Castle Concert Series prove to be a fantastic concept combining beautiful chamber music with intimate and inviting spaces. The fact that the concert venues themselves are historical artefacts from Scotland's rich clan-life doesn't make it any less compelling! This year Kimberley Boyle (flute)...

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Review - Smålandsposten 20 feb 2017

20 Feb Review: Altgitarr i Växjö

The alto guitar arrived in Växjö last night with a lecture recital in Växjö Konsertförening (www.vaxjokonsertforening.se). It's fantastic to see a great interest in the world of 11 strings! Here is what the local paper had to say about the concert. Click this link for the complete...

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16 Feb Review: Altgitarr lecture recital in Luleå

I had a fantastic time giving the lecture recital about the alto guitar in Luleå Kammarmusikförening (www.lkmf.se). Two newspapers were present and wrote these reviews. I'm particularly happy to hear about the response of the educational format of the evening!   Click these links for the complete articles (only in...

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21 Sep Gitarr & Luta

The latest number of the guitar publication Gitarr & Luta (published by Sveriges Gitarr- och Lutasällskap) is a hommage to the 50th anniversary of the alto guitar. Together with some quite well-known and familiar faces I contributed to my own view of the instrument. Very...

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21 Sep Review: Altgitarr (Gitarr & Luta – Sweden)

The leading Swedish classical guitar magazine Gitarr & Luta published this review in their latest edition. A huge thanks to Rolf Nilsén for his nice words about the album! "Nyskapande" "Innovative"   "Det finns något spännande och utmanande i hans musicerande" "There is something exciting and challenging in his music making" Rolf Nilsén, Gitarr...

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Opus - recenssion - thumbnail

03 Jun Review: Altgitarr (Opus – Sweden)

  "Nils Klöfver bjuder in till ett nytänkande samarbete mellan konst och musik" "Nils Klöfvers presents an innovative collaboration between art and music"   The Swedish Classical Music Magazine Opus has published a fine review in their May 2016 edition by David Härenstam praising the project and presenting some interesting points...

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