Altgitarr: video

Altgitarr is an album where music for alto guitar recorded by Nils Klöfver merges with the drawings of Jenny Svenberg Bunnel to form a limited edition vinyl LP recording where each cover sleeve and disc is a piece of art in itself.

Beginning with filming a music video where Jenny was live drawing as Nils was performing, they both realised how they were feeding off each other’s artistic expression. Jenny was touched by the beauty of Bach’s counterpoint, and as her drawings evolved, as did Nils’ interpretation of the piece. The final outcome ended up being so much more than what they initially set out to do: three sublime drawings capturing three moments of instrument and musician alongside an inspired rendition of the prelude of Bach’s lute suite in E major.

This is the music video that inspired the whole project!
Jenny Svenberg Bunnel, artist
Nils Klöfver, alto guitar
Martina Domonkos Klemmer, curator
Juacho Martínez Segura, video production
Matthew Dilley, sound production
Danelia Goyes Tellez, photography